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released May 8, 2010



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Tanika Charles Toronto

In five short years Tanika Charles has transformed from an emerging solo artist to a commanding performer and band leader, a staple of the Canadian festival scene. With 2017 comes the release of Tanika Charles’ long-anticipated debut LP, Soul Run. The overarching sound is classic soul and heavy drums, without the need for retro crutches. ... more


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Track Name: Can I Be Yours?
What does,what does he mean to me?
I ask myself this question frequently
And you know I,I often wonder
If he's my type of guy (my type of guy)
Oh! but the answer is already strong in my mind

Can I be yours?
Share your love ,baby
Can I be yours?
Be your special lady

This is not a dream about
Just holding you
Cause each time is stronger than the one before
I'm just trying to keep myself
and my emotions..
Keeping my feet on the floor
If I could,I would spread my wings and I would fly
Cause you know what your loving would do to me

I would soar to the highest star to make you mine
I would walk through the darkest night to make you mine
I would reach for the highest
I would soar to the highest
I would walk
Until I made you mine
Hey Baby..share your love
Share you love,baby

Track Name: Think of You
What did I do,before you
To hurt myself black and blue
You came so deep inside
My feelings,I didn't hide
Then you smoked out my whole view
Let you get away with so much shit
Toxic and Inappropriate
It wasn't fair (wasn't fair)
What you did to me
He really blew my mind
Then I,I came round to find
You was fuckin' with my truth

Believe me if you wasn't with me
I'd be flying
Believe me if you wasn't with me
I'd be flying
Now I'm trying

Now I got a new man
One that makes me quiver
From my head down to my toes
But I still feel traces of you
Yet I know that it's wrong
You got a hold and I just can't let go
The way you left me out to dry
Made my soft heart crystallize
What you did (what you did)
It wasn't fair (it wasn't fair)
What you did (what you did)
It wasn't fair

Do I love you more
Than I hate this

Fade out
Track Name: Dancing with Your Ghost
I'm dancing with you ghost
I take him everywhere with me
Said he like his music loud so you know that I don't eat
no more

I'm laughing at myself
The reflection that I see
Is in all of the faces of the other people staring back at me

I'm dancing with your ghost
I take him everywhere
He ain't got no time for food
So you know that I don't eat
no more

Said I'm dancing with your
Said I'm dancing with your
I'm dancing
I'm dancing with your ghost
I can't keep him away from me
Track Name: SillyHappyWild
Baby,you shape me as you make me
You're my Opus
You're my Gold
You're the focus of my soul
Honey,I love the way you love me,boy
So hold on and don't let go
I've just got to let you know

SillyHappy Wild Wild
When I think of you
SillyHappy Wild Wild
Everything you do
SillyHappy Wild Wild
Something 'bout cha makes me
SillyHappy Wild Wild

Call me (call me)
Won't you call me on the phone sometime
I'm your woman
You're my king
Listen to these words I sing
Treat me like you need me
Or you can say it with a ring
But you've gotta take that swing, baby

Mister home run hitter
Sugar lover glitter glitter
It was such a pleasure to meet cha
Thinking of my sweetie sweetie
Even If I'm needy needy
Hold me, won't you hold me
Mister home run hitter
Sugar lover glitter glitter
It was so damn good to meet cha
The simple nitty gritty
Is the feeling that you give me
I just don't know how I could leave!


Now,listen here Daddy -O
I'm really diggin' your style
As a matter of fact,
I'm diggin' you like a shovel, sugar
You shine so bright baby
I'm blinded by your love
and I'm feeling you like Braille
You're the Bees knees,honey
So how's about a guy like you and a doll like me spend some time
Cause baby,you make me SillyHappyWild